10 Dental Hygiene Tips for Orthodontic Patients in Provo, UT

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Maintaining proper dental hygiene while wearing orthodontic appliances can be a challenge, but it’s essential to getting the best results from your orthodontic treatment. Here are ten tips to help you keep your teeth healthy while you’re in braces.  

  1. Brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing after meals helps remove food particles and plaque that can get stuck in the brackets and wires of your braces. Make sure to brush for at least two minutes each time.  
  2. Floss daily. Flossing removes plaque and food particles trapped between the teeth and wires of your braces. Ask your orthodontist to show you the proper way to floss if needed.  
  3. Use a fluoride mouth rinse. Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevents cavities.  
  4. Avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks. Sugary and acidic foods and beverages can damage the enamel of your teeth, increasing the risk of cavities.  
  5. Eat a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet will help ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth and gums.  
  6. Visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. Regular visits to the dentist will help ensure that your teeth stay healthy during orthodontic treatment.  
  7. Use wax on brackets or wires if they’re irritating your mouth or lips. If you find the metal brackets or wires irritate your mouth or lips, try using wax to cover them up until you can see your orthodontist for an adjustment.  
  8. Wear a mouthguard when playing sports or other physical activities. Wearing a mouthguard will help protect your teeth from damage while playing sports or engaging in other physical activities.  
  9. Don’t skip appointments with your orthodontist in Provo, Dr. Young. Skipping appointments can make it difficult for your orthodontist or dentist to monitor your progress, so keep them up-to-date on any changes in your oral health. 
  10. Visit Genesis Dental in Orem or Provo for all your dental needs, including orthodontic services like Invisalign, retainers, and clear braces in Utah provided by Dr. Young and his team of experienced professionals! 

These tips will help you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment!


Orthodontics can Improve Your Oral Health

Orthodontic treatment can help improve your oral health in several ways. It can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease by correcting misalignment and reducing the overcrowding of teeth. Ensuring all your teeth are properly aligned will make it easier to brush and floss properly, which is vital for maintaining good oral hygiene.  

Orthodontics can also help improve your bite and jaw function by properly aligning the teeth and jaw. A sound bite or alignment can help reduce jaw pain, headaches, and other issues caused by misaligned jaws.  

Finally, orthodontic treatment can give you a beautiful smile that you’re proud to show off. A straighter set of teeth can have a significant impact on both your self-esteem and confidence. 

When you come in for your orthodontic appointments, Dr. Young will check to see how your teeth and jaw have moved since your last visit. He will look for any signs of teeth shifting or areas of crowding and any changes in the alignment of your bite. He will also take X-rays to ensure everything is progressing as expected and to check for any underlying issues, such as root resorption or impacted teeth. Depending on your treatment plan, Dr. Young may also take photographs or impressions of your teeth and jaws to track your progress and determine if any adjustments need to be made to your braces.


Orthodontist in Provo, UT

At Genesis Dental in Orem and Provo, Utah, we offer a wide range of orthodontic services. Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Young, is dedicated to helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams. With his expertise in the field, he can develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.  

If orthodontic treatment is right for you, contact Genesis Dental in Orem and Provo and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Young. He will evaluate your mouth and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment today.

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