Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures & Denture Options

Sometimes your teeth need a little support as you get older. At Genesis Dental we offer a variety of denture types, including state-of-the-art denture implants, a way to restore your teeth to help them do what they’ve always been able to do: chewing, talking, and smiling.

Dentures We Offer

If you’re looking for dentures, we’ll go over each option and consider cost, needs, and your current oral health. We offer three types: removable dentures, implant dentures, and full implant fixed bridges. Learn a little about each option before scheduling your consultation with us:

Removable Denture

The removable denture is the classic option for those who need stronger teeth. You’ll be expected to remove it each night and keep it clean. While this type has a reputation for sliding and not working as well as your natural teeth, we can create a nice-fitting device that allows you to eat a number of foods you couldn’t anymore.

Implant Denture

An implant denture is similar to the traditional removable option. It needs to be removed every night, but it won’t slide like traditional ones because it’s hooked into place with a few dental implants. We recommend this option to a lot of our patients because it’s stronger than its removable counterpart but not quite as expensive as full implants fixed bridges.

Full Implants Fixed Bridges

Don’t want to remove your dentures every night? A full implant fixed bridge is like a stronger version of the implant denture. It’s fixed to your mouth with dental implants, however, it doesn’t need to be removed at night, making this a great option for our patients who don’t want to worry about their teeth falling out.

Can’t Decide? We Can Help

Choosing the right way to restore your smile can be a tricky decision to make. You have to consider the cost and which option works best for your mouth and lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with the Genesis Dental location closest to you! We’ll be happy to walk through each option to find the best fit for you.

Can I Afford Dentures?

Some dentures are only partly covered by dental insurance. In some cases, you’ll find that you’ll save more as part of our loyalty plan, where you’ll get 35% off your dentures. Ask about our loyalty plan at any Genesis Dental location to learn how you can start saving today!

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If you or a loved one needs dentures, schedule a consultation with us! We’ll be happy to walk through each option with you to help you pick the right option for your dental health and your budget. With same-day appointment times and evening and weekend hours, we make it easy to make time to visit the dentist.

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