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Children and Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Utah

We know how hard it is to add a dentist appointment on top of your already busy schedule. Between doctor appointments, sports practices, school, and work, it can seem impossible to squeeze in that extra bit of time for your next children’s dentistry dental appointment.

Genesis Dental, your pediatric dentistry in Utah, can help! With our “call today, come in today” mentality, we’re always available when you need us. Schedule your appointment at a time that works for you in a place close to home.

How We Can Help

Dental treatment is a different experience for children. It can be stressful for your little ones, especially when needles or drills are involved. We do whatever we can to create a comfortable environment, so they’ll want to come back to the dentist in six months.

We offer a variety of ways to make high quality dental treatment affordable, too. We accept several dental insurance policies. If you don’t have dental insurance, you can’t beat the savings of our in-house loyalty plan!

Get high quality dental treatment for your whole family at any of our Genesis Dental locations. This includes but isn’t limited to:

Routine Cleanings

Teeth cleanings are important, even for baby teeth. Scheduling routine cleanings every six months sets your child’s dental hygiene up for success. At your children’s dentistry first appointment, we’ll provide x-rays and diagnose any problems early. We can also help teach your kids good brushing habits to help them avoid dental issues in the future.

We recommend bringing your children in early (2-3 years old at the latest). The earlier they have a good experience at the dentist, the easier it will be to take them to appointments later on.

Fillings & Crowns

Baby teeth should be treated like permanent teeth. Since our teeth are always used for talking and eating, cavities on baby teeth should be filled to avoid toothaches and keep the teeth strong. In fact, the health of your baby teeth can affect how permanent teeth grow in, too.

If we find cavities during our routine cleaning, we’ll discuss your options with you before going forward with treatment. We can take care of any fillings and make the tooth look good as new. If the cavity is large enough, we can also do crowns to make sure your children’s teeth are stronger than ever.


Braces aren’t just for teens. In fact, bite problems or crooked teeth can be treated as early as age 7. This early care makes sure teeth grow in properly and prevent larger issues. While it won’t prevent future orthodontic visits, it can shorten future treatment times. While braces can help at any age, it’s easier to start early when children are still growing. This can make adjustments easier and sometimes quicker.

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If it’s time for your next trip to the pediatric dentist or orthodontist, give Genesis Dental a call! Get all your dental care done at one convenient location. We have licensed dentists and orthodontists available at each location, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

We always make sure each of our dentists are educated for children’s specific needs. If you need a little extra support, we have many amazing pediatric dentist specialists we can refer you to. We hope you’ll love your experience at Genesis Dental.

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