Utah Dentist Open on Weekends

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If you work during the week and your children go to school, you understand that there is a struggle in scheduling needed appointments without taking time off or pulling your kids out of school. Finding a time that works best for you and your children to be seen on the same day is very difficult. If you are someone who would benefit from scheduling needed appointments on the weekends, you are in luck. Genesis Dental is your Utah dentist open on weekends to fit your busy lifestyle. 


Family Dentistry 

We pride ourselves on being a family dental practice with services and treatments for people of all ages. We understand that each person is different and will require unique care throughout their life, and we are dedicated to giving you what you need when you need it. Family dentists offer all dental services that one or one’s child will need, all in one office. 

Our family dental services include orthodontics, dentures, emergency dentistry, tooth restorations, and children’s dentistry in Utah. Whatever you need, we are available to give it to you at any time, including the weekends. 



Orthodontics is a dental specialty that involves diagnosing and treating malpositioned teeth and incorrect bites. Many know orthodontic work is associated with braces and making your smile more aesthetically pleasing by straightening your teeth. Although orthodontic treatments do this, they are also responsible for the health and functionality of your teeth. 

We offer orthodontics for teenagers and adults who have lost all of their baby teeth. If you are interested in obtaining orthodontic treatment, please call us. 


Friendly Service 

Nothing makes us happier than helping our patients smile their healthy and bright smiles. Each team member is passionate about dental care and ensuring that our patients have positive experiences. We have created a fun, professional, and comfortable office where our patients feel at home. 

You won’t find a more friendly and caring dental staff than the Genesis Dental team. 


Flexible Scheduling 

We understand that serious dental issues may arise at a very inconvenient time, and we want to be prepared and available to help you when this happens. We are dedicated to our patients and the people of Utah. Not only are we open during the weekends to make scheduling treatments more convenient for our patients, but we are also very flexible during the week. 

Our flexible scheduling will give you the power to choose when you have the time for care and not have to make the time. 


No Insurance, No Problem 

Some patients forgo professional, needed dental care because they are without dental insurance. We want the residents of Utah to always have the ability and the means to have the care they need. Not only do we offer high-quality services at an affordable price, but we also have an in-office Loyalty Plan that patients without insurance can apply for to receive discounts and even more affordable prices. 


Loyalty Plan 

Non-insured patients now qualify for a plan that will fit excellently with their budget. The Loyalty Plan is designed to give our patients the needed dental services at discounted rates. 

For a small fee of $20 a year, per person, you are entitled to numerous discounts and benefits in our office. Details regarding the Loyalty Plan can be found on our website or by calling our office and asking one of our team members. 

If you would like us to go over the plan in further detail and help you apply, we would be more than happy to help you schedule an appointment. 


Utah Dentist Open on Weekends

Being open on the weekends has allowed us to help our patients with their scheduling. If you are new to the area and searching for a flexible and affordable dentist for you and your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dental office here in Utah.

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