Holiday Treats to Eat with Braces

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With the holiday season around the corner, yummy foods and tasty desserts can be more prevalent around the house and at family get-togethers. For those with braces, you can still enjoy the holiday season by knowing what desserts are braces-friendly.

Let’s first talk about what you should stay away from:

  • Nuts
  • Hard candy
  • Sticky or chewy desserts

The common theme here is not eating anything that could cause damage to your braces and teeth. Hard candy and desserts with nuts can pop your braces off. Desserts that have a sticky or chewy substance can also pop off braces as well as easily get caught in between your braces and cause cavities. It’s best to avoid these foods while you are going through this teeth-correcting process.

Now that you know what you should stay away from, you can better assess the dessert table and choose the yummy options that don’t compromise your teeth correcting treatment. It’s important to remember that keeping your mouth healthy and removing all the sugar from sitting on your teeth is a top priority, especially during the holidays. This can be done by brushing and flossing twice a day and even washing your mouth out with water after you’re done with your dessert.

If you strive to keep your mouth healthy, you can eat and enjoy the holiday season with some tasty desserts. Here are our top picks for some that are braces-friendly.

Frosted Sugar Cookies

christmas cookies

Any kind of cookie is a great holiday dessert option for braces if the consistency is soft and it doesn’t contain nuts. We prefer a traditional sugar cookie decorated with some yummy and festive frosting on top! Try to avoid really hard sprinkles as they can also hurt your braces. If you’re feeling up to making some sugar cookies *yourself either for a date night or to share with some loved ones, check out this sugar cookie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

*If you’re not familiar with cooking, make sure to have an adult or someone who knows how with you to prevent injuries.


thanksgiving pudding with whipped cream on top

Because of their consistency, puddings and custards are great dessert options during the holidays! You can enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate or vanilla without the worry of breaking a bracket in the process. Puddings can be bought individually-packaged at your local grocery store or prepared right in the comfort of your own kitchen! If you choose to make your pudding or custard at home, check out A Spicy Perspective’s Chocolate Pudding Recipe.

Hot Cocoa

christmas hot cocoa

Winter isn’t complete without some hot cocoa, right? This hot, chocolatey drink is easy to make and perfect for an on-the-go drink during the cold winter months. If you’re looking to have a fun activity with your family, make some from scratch! All you need is two tablespoons of cocoa powder and two cups of milk (or any substitute). Mix them in a pot and bring to a boil. You can add some marshmallows for a little more sweetness or some peppermint extract (not candy cane) for an extra dash of holiday yumminess. Enjoy!


christmas decorated chocolate cupcakes

Did anyone say holiday cupcakes? Bake these tasty desserts at home or enjoy them at a family party because they’re absolutely braces-friendly! The soft and fluffy texture of the cake with the smooth and sweet frosting can do no harm to your brackets. Just make sure you rinse your mouth afterward with water and brush your teeth as soon as you can so the sugar doesn’t stay trapped in your mouth and cause cavities. If you’re searching for a festive cupcake recipe, check out this Delish Christmas Lights Cupcake recipe.


Pies are a holiday staple! While it’s important to stay away from pies with nuts such as pecan pie, there are many tasty and braces-friendly options. Some options can be pumpkin, chocolate, apple, peach, or banana cream. These yummy flavors can definitely sweeten your holiday!


brownies with cream cheese frosting and strawberries to look like a santa hat

Brownies are another tasty dessert option for braces! While you should definitely avoid any brownies with nuts or sticky caramel, plain brownies can be soft enough to enjoy without any fear of hurting your braces. Pair the brownie with some ice cream and you’ve made a great holiday dessert. Check out this yummy Better Than Box Mix Chocolate Brownies recipe.


thanksgiving cheesecake

This soft and mouth-watering dessert is another holiday favorite perfect for those with braces. There are so many different options of cheesecake toppings and crust that can make for a yummy dessert after a hearty meal. Do you like Oreos? Opt for an oreo crust and some chocolate syrup on top. Are you a more traditional cheesecake lover? Choose some cherry or blueberry pie filling to drizzle on top. Whatever you choose, you can enjoy some yummy cheesecake during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays From Genesis Dental!

We hope you all enjoy your holiday season eating some savory foods and sweet desserts while spending time with your loved ones. Make sure to keep your mouth healthy and your braces intact to stay on the path to getting the smile you’ve always wanted! If you have an emergency, please contact your location ASAP so that we can get you in, fix the problem, and keep your treatment going during the holiday season.

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