What is Gum Recontouring?

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Take a good look at your gums. What do you see? Is your gum line low, high, or uneven? With gum recontouring in Utah and Kansas, you can change it! In fact, it may even be recommended by your dentist. Gum recontouring, which is also known as gingival sculpting or gingivoplasty is the process of surgically reshaping your teeth. Yes, it involves cutting away your gum tissues. In some cases, it can even involve restoring tissues. To help you make your decision about whether or not to have this procedure, keep reading!

Who Needs It?

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Everyone has different gum lines, and everyone has different needs. Some may want to get the procedure simply for cosmetic reasons to improve their smile. Such cases may Others may get it to help resolve medical issues like

  • Gum recession
  • Gum disease
  • Crown lengthening
  • Pocket reduction
  • Regenerative procedures

What are the Benefits of Gum Recontouring?

Gum reshaping can be beneficial in various ways, and it all just depends on why you’re getting it in the first place. If for cosmetic reasons, then it may help improve your self-esteem. You may find yourself smiling more and not hiding your smile when speaking in public or having your picture taken. If it’s considered a medical necessity, then it may help you prevent further deterioration to your gums and teeth. This may also prevent you from needing to get dentures or implants at an early age.

What Does the Gum Recontouring Procedure Involve?

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This is an in-office procedure where you’ll be given a local anesthetic that numbs your gums. You’ll most likely stay awake during the procedure, but you won’t feel a thing! For tissue-removing procedures, your dentist will use a soft tissue laser or a scalpel to remove gum tissue or resculp your gum line. If needed, stitches will be used to keep gum tissue in place. For tissue-adding procedures, your dentist will remove tissue from another part of your mouth and add it to the part of your gum line that needs it. All together, this procedure can take one to two hours.

To be expected, you may feel some tenderness after the procedure. The level of discomfort will depend entirely on how much work was done to your gums. The recovery process may take days or weeks. It just depends on the extent of the procedure. To know what to expect fully, make sure you talk to your dentist about recovery before getting your gum recontouring done.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Procedure!

At Genesis Dental, we are dedicated to making our clients happy—and smiling, of course! If you think gum recontouring is for you, please give us a call! Our cosmetic services can be found at all of our Genesis Dental locations as well as our sister practices, Bright Smiles and Central Ave Dental. We are here for you!

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