The Search for Extended Hours Dentistry

The Search for Extended Hours Dentistry Extended hours Dentistry in Magna. Genesis Dental is a General, Cosmetic, Family Dentist & Orthodontist in Utah & Kansas. Call:801-448-0225

We provide convenient extended hours dentistry at Genesis Dental in Magna and South Jordan, Utah, for those with busy schedules. We are excited to highlight how extended dental care hours can revolutionize patient care, satisfaction, and overall dental health. 

Why Extended Hours Dentistry Matters

Traditionally, dental appointments have been limited to typical business hours, which might not be great for individuals whose work or lifestyle prevents them from making those appointments. Extended hours of dentistry play a pivotal role in bridging this gap. Depending on the day of the week, our hours extend to 6 to 7 p.m.! 

Accessibility for Busy Professionals and Night Shift Workers

Professional life is becoming more demanding, and the standard 9-to-5 workday is increasingly rare. For professionals who can’t just slip away for a dental check-up, the flexibility of extended hours from our dentists can be a game changer. The same goes for shift workers who operate on schedules that differ significantly from the norm! 

Emergency Dental Care Without the Wait

Crises don’t check the clock before they strike. An aching tooth doesn’t wait for the next available appointment. Extended hours dentistry not only means regular check-ups can be arranged without conflict, but it also ensures that urgent dental issues can be addressed immediately instead of waiting till the next business day. If you are experiencing emergency dentistry, our office is the place to go with our extended-hours dentist. 

The Benefits of Extended Hours Dentistry

The merits of extended hours don’t extend far beyond a simple scheduling shift. Let’s delve into the array of benefits it offers.

Unmatched Convenience and Flexibility

Visiting Dr. Jensen and Dr. Boyack at a time that suits your routine prevents missed work hours and saves time. From our extended hours to Spanish-speaking dentists in Magna and South Jordan, UT, you can get the convenient, quality care your smile deserves. It’s a clear advantage for anyone juggling multiple commitments or living active, unpredictable lifestyles. This flexibility can significantly increase the likelihood of patients keeping regular appointments and managing their dental health with due diligence.

Reduced Waiting Times and Increased Patient Satisfaction

Catering to patients’ regular hours often translates to less crowded appointment calendars, meaning shorter waiting times and less scheduling frustration. Moreover, the sheer relief of receiving dental care without hassle can enhance patient satisfaction.

Emergency Preparedness and Peace of Mind

When a dental emergency occurs after traditional hours, having a trustworthy dental office to turn to can provide immense peace of mind. The knowledge that you won’t have to wait until the next day—or longer—can alleviate significant stress during such situations.

Why Choose Our Exclusively Extended Hours Dental Office

Knowing what to look for can be half the battle for those still evaluating their dental options. Here are a few factors that should influence your decision! 

Inquiring About After-Hours Availability

As a patient, never hesitate to ask about a dentist’s extended hours and procedures for handling emergencies. Our office currently offers extended hours on certain days of the week. You can see what days have extended hours by visiting our locations information page on our website. 

Researching Patient Reviews

In the age of online reviews, crowd wisdom can be incredibly informative. Look for the dentist’s feedback, specifically addressing experiences with extended and emergency care. Dr. Jensen and Dr. Boyack strongly exemplify our office’s commitment to patient-centric service, and it shows in our reviews! You can read our various reviews here

Extended hours Dentistry in Magna, UT

Extended dentistry hours reflect a dedication to patient-centered care, prioritizing accessibility and convenience. In the grand scheme of modern medicine, it’s an innovation that not only recognizes the diversity of patient needs but actively addresses them. Choosing extended hours at our office can pay dividends in maintaining your oral health while accommodating the demands of your daily life.

Please schedule an appointment with our extended-hours dentist today and get the convenient care necessary for your smile! 

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