Top 5 Reasons to see a Family Dentist

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Finding a dentist that can cater to all of your family’s needs can be difficult. With all of the different extracurricular activities that your kids have going on, it can become overwhelming to manage different dental appointments. Genesis Dental is a family dentistry in Utah and Kansas, complete with all of the different procedures that anyone at any age could need. We have five different locations, so if you are in Utah and are looking for a dentist for your family, you have come to the right place! Below are five different reasons why you should see a family dentist. 

1. You Will Save Time

Family dentists allow you and all of your family to be seen. You can request multiple appointments for different children all in one day and all at the same place. That way, you don’t need to make multiple trips to the dentist throughout the month. You know where to go and everyone can be treated in time slots close together. When everyone has the same dentist, things will become simpler for you. 

2. Comprehensive Dentistry

Because a family dentist offers services for all ages, you can be sure that any dental procedure you are interested in will be offered, from cosmetic dentistry to children’s dentistry in Utah and Kansas. The tooth anatomy for younger kids is completely different than it is for adults and their permanent teeth, meaning they require different care. As teeth mature, different services and cleaning procedures will need to be done in order to help keep up good oral hygiene. A family dentist offers all of those procedures so you don’t have to go looking for a new dentist every time you need something done. 

3. Clarity of Procedure

When everyone goes to the same dentist, it is easy to know what the different policies are and how each procedure will work. You know of the different fees and scheduling processes. It will be easier for you to keep things organized and clear, instead of trying to remember which dentist does what or how to pay for different procedures. You know exactly what everyone is getting and when and how to pay for things. 

4. Dental History

As you grow and begin to search for a new dentist, your dental history records will need to be moved around. At a family dentist, your doctor can and will become very familiar with your dental history and tooth anatomy. For younger kids, if a dentist is familiar with their parents’ tooth anatomy, it will be easier for them to treat the younger kids. They will know how to go about different procedures and can know how kids will react to certain dental procedures. 

5. Benefits for Younger Children

For younger kids, the dentist can be quite a nerve-wracking experience. If they are constantly going to the same place, they can become more familiar with the dentist and all of the tools they use. They can see their older siblings and parents go through the same process to help them feel calmer. Family dentists specialize in prioritizing family relationships and helping younger kids feel safe and calm. 

If you are looking for a family dentist, Genesis Dental is for you. With five different locations, there is sure to be one close to your home in Utah. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to gain a better understanding of the different procedures that we offer. We are so excited to have you in our office!

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