What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

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When you require a dental crown, it could be due to tooth decay, the need to cover a filling, a crown for a dental implant, or cosmetic purposes. But whatever the reason, you should be familiar with the different types of crowns available to you here at Genesis Dental. We offer three different types of crowns in Utah and Kansas: zirconia, gold, and ceramic. Each holds many different pros and cons, please continue reading to learn a little more about each one and how it could benefit you. 


Zirconia is a type of ceramic material that is highly desired for dental crowns, even more so than other porcelain crowns. Zirconia is an opaque material, which means it gives off the same appearance as natural teeth. When using Zirconia crowns, measurements need to be exact right away due to the difficulty surrounding altering the crown after the material has already been cut. 

A dental crown made of 100% zirconia is hard and durable. This may be the better option for those who grind their teeth, as the strength of zirconia can withstand strong chewing and grinding over time. Their durability can also save you money down the road as it will last longer and will not need to be replaced, where other crowns might need to. 


Gold crowns may not be desirable to many patients due to gold being very bright and noticeable while in the mouth. They can also be the more expensive option, but that is because there are so many pros to gold crowns. 

Gold crowns are thinner than other types of crowns, which means less of your original tooth will need to be removed to receive a crown. Gold crowns last a long time and they have the best fit in your mouth. Gold is also a metal that your body will tolerate better than others, making it feel more natural in your mouth. 


Dental crowns made out of ceramic are highly desired because they are the most natural-looking when compared to natural teeth. The material used to make a ceramic crown is bio-compatible, which means suffering from a ceramic crown is nearly impossible. A ceramic crown can be shaped in any way, making it feel natural and fit securely around your real tooth. 

With ceramic crowns, more of your natural tooth will need to be ground down, which could increase sensitivity to hot and cold in your mouth. Ceramic crowns are also more likely to break when eating hard foods because the material they are made out of is more fragile. 

If you need a dental crown, there are plenty of options for each person and their desired results. At Genesis Dental, we want each patient to know exactly what they are getting. If you have any questions about the different dental crowns that we offer, we invite you to come in and ask your questions. We are eager to serve you!

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